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Great Planes Ugly Stick 40

Seems like everybody has one or had one at one time so I guess it is my turn now. I have been wanting one for a while now. One of the members had one just like this one and I used to like to watch him fly it. It looks very steady and also very acrobatic when he turned it loose. He sold it when he went to all electric planes. Another member has the Hangar 9 120 size with a tuned pipe on it. That plane is a real screamer. I will be putting an O.S. 46AX on mine when it gets here.

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The maiden flight didn't work out too well. I had a Castle Berg receiver that I bought at Joe Nall in in the plane and it failed on take off. I had the receiver in my trainer and it worked fine there. I took it out because I could not use the buddy box with it on the trainer. But I flew the trainer just fine with the receiver.

I put the receiver in the Stick and it was working fine or so I thought. As it turns out, the VoltWatch was causing it to loose connection with the plane at about 150 feet away. So when I went to take off the plane went down the runway and wouldn't lift off. I guess I am lucky there. At least it wasn't airborne and flying towards Alabama when I lost the connection. I tried to cut the throttle but no response. The plane went into the weeds at like 60 mph and broke off the landing gear. Nothing else was hurt.